Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reading No. 3

I never made it past Genesis before I noticed that a lot of my reading could benefit from having read the whole Bible first. I wanted to read the whole Bible with the benefit of already read the whole Bible. To do that, I had to read the thing twice. Boy, oh boy. That took a long time. Now, I will start reading a third time. It will be very slow going at first, because the first three books of the Bible turned out to be the three that I believe to be the least likely to be inspired by the word of God. In general, I've come away from this experience believing that the Old Testament is not divinely inspired, unless God is illogical and prone to mistakes and changes of heart. I shall try to start posting at least twice a week, and although my only audience is going to be spammers and the occasional Google user, I shall pretend that I have a real audience, because that delusion will make my writing better.